My Will and Estate Planning

One tends to avoid talking about death and taxes but ensuring that you have a valid and current Will can alleviate further hardship and stress for the loved ones that you leave behind.

Have you recently considered the following points and the impact that they may have on your Will?

My Will takes all recent changes in legislation into account.    
My personal circumstances have changed (married, divorced).    
All my children (grandchildren) are included in the Will and I have made the necessary provisions if they are minors.    
I have appointed an executor in my Will who is competent and experienced and will likely be around for years to come.    
My Will is clear about how I want my estate distributed amongst the beneficiaries.    
I have made an acquisition or disposal of a significant asset recently.    
I have assets which are located in a foreign country.    
I have considered how much estate duty will be payable and I have the necessary funds to settle this debt without having to sell off fixed assets.    
I have appointed a guardian for my minor children.    

Estate planning can be complex and requires an in-depth understanding of income tax, estate duties, and personal and business-related legislative frameworks. Our team of experts can advise and guide you in making decisions and putting structures in place to ensure that your wealth is protected. Wills are more than a necessary legal document; they are there to protect your legacy and ensure the wellbeing of those you leave behind.

For a comprehensive guide to estate planning please download our Estate Planning Guide from our website.

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